The Company

At Lifeflow teach a range of practical meditation and mindfulness techniques – they help you find a way to calm your mind and relax easily. It’s easy to understand, non-religious and based on over 30 years' experience of teaching people from all over Adelaide and abroad. The courses and retreats give you the skills to bring calm, refreshment and perspective into your everyday life.

The project

After producing the core branding over the years and marketing material to suit we were approached to design a leave behind piece that would be easy to handle and use. As it would have tips and directions on meditation it needed to be small enough to keep handy. Our solution was a 3 fold card scored and folding to a business card allowing for the placement of the information and looking good to boot.

The corporate branding was extended on this project with the use of the main graphic as a feature and the melding of the two colours of the branding to produce a meditative effect.


A good little card that brings a smile to all that get handed it. Handy enough to fit in a wallet or purse. It was printed on a heavy stock double sided and folding was made easy by being scored. Flat delivery allows for easy packing and distribution.