A Real Estate Agent that specialises in redevelopment projects required us to develop the promotional material for the Cheltenham Racecourse plan.

The Company

Specialising in redevelopment projects in South Australia and Nationally the agent needed a promotion piece that would be easy to produce and hand out when needed. 

The Solution

A matt varnish was recommended along with some super cool aerial photography on a 300gsm stock. Once all the elements were back in the studio we set about producing the piece with a light feel and the aerial shots taking pride of place.

The piece was a digital print run to keep the costs down. With a bright colour palette and tones the overall feel was a fresh and smooth look that was easy on the eye.


The client loved the look and feel of the piece and remarked it had a retro feel to the look. They did like the fact that it was interesting to look at and a little different than the stock standard formality of most of these documents.