New Logo, Branding and Product Label development project. An Award winning fitness guru and body builder wanted to develop a unique look and feel to the typical gym culture branding. Along with creating the new brand language and sub brands he needed to produce labeling for a health drink supplement. 

A selection of business marks were produced and applied to the various activities and services. Using strong graphics and type treatment to create a new brand language.

The Brief

An award winning fitness and body sculpting guru here in Adelaide needed to provide info and health products to his ever increasing client base. But he realised he needed to rise above the normal culture and attract a "premium service" seeking client that would pay for the services and training he offered.

The solution

We decided to produce branding that lifted him above the muscle and fitness crowd as a point of difference. A clean crisp approach did this with the style and choice of colour coding of the new branding being modern and a little hi tech in appearance. We stayed away from the traditional imagery of muscle building clients and six pack showoffs. Clients words not ours.

Graphic development.

We developed the graphics and images using sports figures in different applications. The colour code added to the flexibility of the branding and its attention grabbing effect.

Printed material

A variety of print solutions were developed and produced for printing. The key elements were the strong "action figures" and the graphic patterns used to identify and produce a strong graphic language. The whole treatment had a distinctly different look from what usually appears on the shelf and in gym culture.


Website design

A website was developed and produced to help with the support and supply of information and products. All tied in with the new brand direction.


A great result with sales of the drink increasing and the effect the branding had on sign-ups to the services. A distinctly different clientele from the previous branding. The demographic that the new branding attracted was in line with the premium product and brand that we set out to create.