Beaumont Tiles needed a slick and polished promotional piece to approach future franchise prospects at a premium event specifically organised as an information night.

The Company

Beaumont Tiles have been transforming Australian homes for more than 50 years with gorgeous designs and stunning products from around the globe. Finding the best way to create dream homes is the beginning of the story - one that goes way back to 1960.

The Brief

Franchise opportunities await. The client wanted a premium product to present to future franchise owners at an invitation only night. They didn't want to seem flamboyant and wasteful either to potential clients. So a small effective piece was produced.

A specialised metalic stock was chosen with a gold base. A dynamic image via the target gets the attention. Simple information inside and a strong call to action. A 170 gsm card opening to an A4.


The piece created for the client was a success on the night and presentation. The DL leaflet on a heavy stock was well received and responded to. Enquiries doubled that period and presented Beaumont Tiles in the light required.