A beautifully appointed apartment in a condominium block in the heart of bustling Duesseldorf. Although only recently built there it is reminiscent of the early 20th-century art deco architecture of the time. The apartment is for sale and needed to be promoted.

The Brief

A website to aid in marketing an apartment in Dusseldorf Germany. My recommendation was to design and build a website with minimal content to pique the interest. Create a downloadable ebook and capture emails. Simple enough you would think.

The solution

All was organised for a well-needed meeting when the client got back from overseas. We discussed the site and media support that may be needed to help in the marketing and presentation of the apartment to prospective buyers. The first thing to do was a site plan to check content requirements and how the navigation felt around the site. Once this was done and approved we proceeded with the design of the site.

A rich pallette of colours was selected (I like to call it luxury brown and rich red) as shown and the menus and navigation started to come together with a minimum selection of images to be placed on the site. With the look of the site pretty much in progress, the content and branding side of things was discussed and agreed to go ahead at this time as well. All was ready for the social media campaign to be included in the mix.

the strategy

email capture

The ebook allows us to capture potential emails. This will allow initial and further follow up in the future. The site was set up with a download form to be filled out with the reward of the ebook.

The ebook

Developing the ebook.

The ebook providing details of this unique apartment interior such as the manufacturer's, artisans and specialists to create the apartment were kept to a simple layout with the images as the key feature. We wanted to tie all the imagery together and create a uniform look that wouldn't leave you guessing where you were.

The images played a big role in the layout of the ebook combined with a classic treatment of the layout kept to the minimum.


A simple example of an email building site that achieves its goal of informing and producing those all important leads to follow up with when they download the ebook for more information.