A wholesale blind and window treatment manufacturer in Adelaide told their story using a unique image and a distinctly finished promo piece with gloss varnish embellishment and a contrasting matt coating to finish the printed brochure.

The Brief

Initially, the printed piece was requested as an A3 folding to an A4 which would include a considerable amount of information in an A3 format. They wanted to show the scope of the products they produce and manufacture. Along with the style and colour specs they were keen to display the how the product was up to speed in the fashion and interior design worlds.

The solution

After chatting to the client and understanding the business we suggested a more creative solution. Create an embellished piece that would provide a detailed overview of where each product would be suitable via the graphics and select images. Provide a folder that includes a pocket to insert the various brochures and business card.

Graphic development.

We developed the graphics and key for quick reference of the applications that were suitable. This was important with at least 8 brochures that were available to look over.


A great talking piece with a dynamic front cover image along with some luxurious detail. All in all the client was really pleased with the result and proud to use it to market their products.So much so we were commisioned to produce a further print project featured here under "work".