Skin4u is a DMK skin clinic primarily dealing with skin conditions and how to treat them and the body to achieve this with a little help from some natural products. Situated in Glenelg, Val Roche and her team services the area and surrounding suburbs through direct email contact and word of mouth. Her initial request for social media help turned to website and branding assistance to boost her approach to marketing.

The Company

Skin4u is an established SA business that thrives on excellent service and quality product. They supply and use the famous DMK brand of skin care. Looking forward to working together on the new branding and development of the Skin4u story.

The Brief

When I was first contacted by Val at skin4u it was to help out with the social media aspect of the business. After sitting down and doing a mini audit of collateral, support and marketing materials available it was obvious there was a limited amount to work with. A new website was recommended with email capture to increase the data base of customers and branding to coincide with the new website.

Refresh the logo.

A refresh of the skin4u logo was the first task to tackle. Simplified font treatment and a crisp look on a white background. Keeping the familiar graphic was deliberate as we still wanted that built up recognition from the previous mark.


Then brand the new website.

We made sure the site was easy to navigate with clear images and content to access in the site from the front page
Large style images on page and branding to suit were developed and used throughout the site. This was to be carried through to the offline branding as well.

Email capture.

Along with the new design, we incorporated the essential email capture on the site to maximise engagement via the web and social media. The booking mechanism makes it easy for potential customers both on the side of the site and at the bottom of the page.
print design and management

Business cards.

A new take on the existing logo and business card. It didn't take long to see that the client was the most important aspect of Val's approach to skin care and her enthusiasm for their treatment. How do you portray that in the new cards? A testimonial style of treatment on the front of the card where the client's feedback is the hero. How better to show the care and results for clients in a unique way that can be translated across all media.
Social Media Management

Branded Facebook Posts

We developed and managed the social media presence in Facebook creating dynamic posts that direct potential clients to the website for further engagement. Be it downloading reports or setting up bookings online.


Positive feedback from existing customers on the ease of use of the new website and the great content. Additionally, it created a dynamic platform to continue further marketing via Facebook posting to inform and update the customer on any new developments.