St Johns Grammar prints an annual graduation booklet that celebrates the coming of age of the year 12 students and documents their thoughts and memories of the year that was. Prepared and equipped with all they have experienced they are ready to look the world in the eyes and more.

The Brief

Some existing booklets were viewed along with some previous files. It was agreed that we needed to create new branding for the publication and get across the energy and optimism of the class which was evident throughout their end of year comments. We kept the headings in a handwritten style script and gave the layout more of a crisp and sharp feel. This was combined with some random placement of photos to create a less formal treatment.

The School

St John’s Grammar is an Independent ELC – Year 12 school located in a picturesque bushland setting in the Adelaide foothills, yet less than 10km from Adelaide CBD. The supportive, innovative and challenging learning environment is not limited to academic pursuit but encourages and inspires creative thinking, a passion for learning, and essential life skills that enable the students to flourish in the community.

Children learn to soar at St John’s.

We started by creating a grid to follow right through the book and clean up the clutter that existed on the previous layouts. Adding a little white space opened up the layout and created a crisp easy on the eye look. 

Layout design

Image treatment.

One of the requests was how to treat the many photo snaps throughout the year of key events in a fresh and dynamic way. We threw the shots on the floor and "presto" problem solved. Well not quite like that. It took a little moving and adjusting on the screen to get the right balance.


An evolving design of a much-loved end of year publication. The staff love the new updated layout and engage us yearly to keep producing it for them. And we got a positive review from the staff in charge of the project to boot!