Codehouse knew it was time to brand the suite of services it provided including the feature of providing this as a cloud based system. Being a previous client and with an eye and sense for good design and marketing it was a pleasure to hear about this project and get the go ahead to produce the branding and print material to go with it.

The Company

Code House has been involved in software design and development since 1995. The Company formed out of a need for specialised accounting and payroll systems designed specifically for the Labour Hire and Group Training Industries. These systems form the basis of the Code House product range.

The Brief

The process begins with an initial brief and meeting with Gavin Andrews the Director of Codehouse and MyTech. Gavin wanted a way to market the applications they had provided and existed since 1995 as CHIP. We agreed that the name should remain and the brand should stand alone and be unique. Simple. We knew that a business mark should be developed and everything under that brand CHIP should be consistent in style and feel.


Creating sub brands.

In addition to the main logo there was a need to sub brand the services with a consistent identity. Simple. Integrate the graphic elements with the appropriate service.

Along with all the new branding it was 20 years in business for Mytech. A logo banner style mark was produced to celebrate and place on all mediums.

infographic creation

Creating collateral to support the branding.

A set of Infographics were created to place in the sales brochure. Along with a roll up banner to take to exhibitions and industry shows.


The initial request was to meet an exhibition display deadline. We met the deadline and made an impressive impact on the targeted audience at the show. Enquiries exceeded past show displays and sign ups were up by 60%! A great brand awareness exercise that brought great results.