The project

Lifeflow provide courses and retreats that give you the skills to bring calm, refreshment and perspective into your everyday life. They now needed to rebrand their existing identity along with the the new "Refresh" 30 minute meditation service they had developed.

The solution

Initially we looked at creating a separate website and social presence. After some initial meetings we suggested producing a website that incorporated the existing branding of Lifeflow and the additional services including the new "Refresh" style meditation.

Website and prime design direction.

The challenge was how to show the other services provided and established for some time on the same website landing page without confusing or watering down the Lifeflow brand.

The 3 x areas needed to be featured on the site landing page were the "Retreat" aspect the existing "Lifeflow" following and the new "Refresh" 30 minute meditation service. 

It was agreed the new site was to be airy and have an artistic side to it. This we acheived with the use of the brush style effect on the primary service pods which is where we included the 3 x main offerings featured prominently above the fold.

This would be enhanced with a floating effect of the 3 x main pods on the landing page.


We used the brush mark to incorporate some key images and add to the relaxed style we wanted to achieve. Along with a distinct light font for the headings a unique style had been achieved. 

Mobile + tablet

We then directed our efforts toward the mobile and tablet version of the design. Keeping the brand language consistent and unified across the board.


The final designs were enthusiastically received after a few rounds of reviews and rethinking the brand brief. There was genuine excitement to the new direction and result of the process leading up to the designs above. They are yet to be implemented as there are some further Logo Development projects to be completed to go with this new direction. Sometimes what we envisage and what the client expects are two different matters. With ongoing reviews and presentations, the project didn't take off. Client confusion as to what and where the new brand positioned itself in, even after some strong guidance and suggestions from us. No agreement or firm decisions. Check out some other projects produced for this client.