A new website was the next step for our client. After some quick meetings to make sure we all wanted to achieve the same result we set about putting the website together with the final brief.

An Event and Functions page on the website has been added to produce more opportunities of revenue for the restaurant.

The project

Pagoda Restaurant was established in 1965 it has enjoyed a long history. The client wanted the relaxed and informal look to come across on the website. The honest and fresh, meals and menu 's available was what they believed in and held onto since 1965. The Cantonese style meals were always about the natural flavour of the food and the goodness this style of preparation produced.

The solution

Even though we had a free reign when it came to designing the website at the same time we had to keep in mind budget allocation for some media spending eg Facebook. We set about creating elements that could be used consistently and with ease across all mediums eg patterns, graphic devices and font styles to give the restaurant a unique identity.  

the Pagoda blob

We created a brand language that could be used across all mediums with a distinct font treatment and graphic devices in this case the "pagoda blob"

support material

Creating a distinct pattern was important in the mix of support graphics.

Unique font selection

Creating interest with attention-grabbing fonts and combining them with varoius graphics to tell a story quickly and visually.

With the graphic elements produced and photography for the website we applied that visual language to the various mediums we needed to utilise in the promotion of the Restaurant. 


The website continues to get increased visits via Facebook and the tracking pixel placed on the site. The data we receive from both Facebook and the website enables us to maximise offers and read the market to a certain degree. The website was received with great enthusiasm from staff and owners. As the business of running a restaurant gets busier and busier they have confidence in keeping those new faces as customers and turning them into loyal patrons.