Interior posters and outdoor promotions were developed to push the brand in the minds of the local audience. Located on a main restaurant strip in Adelaide the exposure would be local. Also it would catch the eye of future customers eating out in some of the competition eating houses.

The project

Pagoda Restaurant was established in 1965 it has enjoyed a long history. Pagoda has had a great following in its local area and surrounding suburbs but the impact of the new cuisine styles enjoyed by people affected the number of new patrons that came in to sample a traditional Cantonese menu. Competition was hot. The owners wanted to attract a new following for the restaurant and nurture the existing old guard.

The solution

Our solution after analysing the Restaurant and its patrons was to announce that the restaurant had a long heritage in Adelaide. We knew we wanted to let people know that the style of food was from the Cantonese region and that entailed a fresh, healthy and carefully prepared menu that is a lot more sophisticated than what is perceived. We set about establishing the well-known faces. The owners of the restaurant using social media, in this instance Facebook to create a touchpoint for followers and then Advertise on the platform accordingly. Strong branded posts were developed and utilised.

Strong branded content.

Pagoda Restaurant was established in 1965 it has enjoyed a long history. The client wanted the relaxed and informal look to come across for the restaurant. The honest and fresh, meals and menu 's available was what they believed in and held onto since 1965. The Cantonese style meals were always about the natural flavour of the food and the goodness this style of preparation produced.

Our mantra is about providing strong branded content. This we apply to all our projects and this project was no exception. Our initial plan is to establish the look and feel early with the audience and then provide value with all our posts.

We had created the logo for the Pagoda Restaurant in the early 2000's. Signage was created and a logo featuring the Cantonese characters for Pagoda. When they needed some help in advertising and nurturing their loyal patrons they asked us to help them accomplish that and create a new wave of patrons via advertising.

Posts were created to create a following of the well known and loved owners. These branded posts were instrumental in the recognition we started to create with the long standing audience that were now being reminded why they went to this cantonese little gem.

The advertising consisted of the use of custom audience creation from the data we collected from the Facebook pixel.

Timely promotions were developed from special days and events with the signature script style font. Coupled with the red banner and the logo being used consistently. In this case Mothers Day. The result a record promotion to date with the client requesting us to stop the advertising so as not to get overbooked! The two rooms were booked out lunch and dinner that Mothers Day weekend!


Initially building up the Facebook page up to 500 likes in a month. In the restaurant, there was a 50% increase in foot traffic. Then to a consistent 1 in 3 customers being new faces. We wanted to inform and engage with the core followers of the Restaurant to create a community involvement and new faces into the flock that would feel part of the group. "Pagoda since 1965" became the tag line and instilled a sense of history and much-deserved kudos for the restaurant.