Lifeflow wanted to revamp the existing DL leaflets they had in place in selected practitioners offices and counters. The leaflets would be on hand to give out to a client to direct them to Lifeflow's services.

The project

The project was to reinvent the leaflets. The existing leaflets did a great job in introducing the brand and services of Lifeflow. The client felt it was time to start thinking in a holistic way about the direction and branding of Lifeflow and its imagery in a focused and targeted manner. They contacted us to think about the new direction and start the process on some smaller projects to gain an insight on how people would react and engage with the new direction and future services.

The solution

We knew that people would be interested in the service provided in general but needed to hone in on the area of Retreats that were on offer as they had an enduring benefit for clients. Consistency of image and style again was developed and incorporated with a hint of the future branding to come later on. We recommended attending to the "pain" of the customer instantly by providing a testimonial type of statement and people image on the front cover. This made the leaflet approachable and created a more personable tone to the messages. 

We used a brush style font to create a friendliness and casual feel to the headline. Sure sometimes these typefaces take a while to get your eye's used to, but that's the idea here. Grab the attention with a scripty font that you need to stop and read the text to know whats going on.
The corporate colours were used extensively reinforcing the Lifelfow brand and using peoples faces to connect emotionally with the prospective client.


The leaflets were received with great excitement by the client and are currently utilised in the existing service providers. The process to getting to this stage with the new brand direction was an in-depth meditative activity which the client had heaps of experience in and quite happily let me participate in. Love the result.