JAG Kitchens needed a printed piece to supply as an overview of the designers and their projects. Along with the print ads and press offers this was to be used as a selling tool that features the excellent designers and profiles. This way reinforcing the high standard the firm is known for.

The project

Jag needed an additional printed brochure to showcase the designers and the end prduct they could conceive from start to install. They wanted something to leave with prospects along with the formal sales folder that included quotes and specs. This would coincide with the TV and press campaign that was to be running as well.

The solution

Our solution was to produce a high end 2-fold brochure that could fit in the sales folder and have a premium finish to the touch and eye. A gloss varnish and matt feel to the 300 gsm stock with some important design pieces from the designers. It was important to JAG to keep the final result as simple and streamlined as possible. They felt the market they were targeting required this type of treatment.


A good response to the campaign of television, press and radio with a quality printed tool that allowed JAG to instill confidence to potential clients by showcasing the designers on tap for any type of project.