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We like Branding to be powerful and creative. With a timeless quality. Not wishy-washy or fadish. But clear and intentional. We believe in the responsibility of a brand to communicate with a purpose in mind, to be clear, simple and enduring. Preferring design that is committed to enduring values and promotes investment in the business, not wasteful energy. 

We design branding which we think is logically consistent simply creative and inspiring.

Logo and business mark solutions.


New logo and branding. Web presence. An abrasive blasting and spray technologies company that needed a new image and branding.

beauty and health

A refresh of the skin4u logo was the first task to tackle. Simplified font treatment and a crisp look on a white background. Keeping the familiar graphic was deliberate as we still wanted that built up recognition from the previous mark.


New logo and branding. Web presence. Adelaide meditation centre with a point of difference. A refreshing approach to meditation and balance in life. The logo and website have now been well established.


New logo and branding. A finance consultant needed a logo to head his new venture in property lending. A strong logo that was developed very quickly and easily. The client responded to info sent to him quickly. This helped greatly in producing the logo from start to finish in 3 days. All in a days work for logo designer online.

it and software

A Software developer that had a successful and long-running product knew it was time to brand the suite of services it provided as a cloud based system. The logo was to be strong and incorporate the existing Codehouse branding. A great client and project that produced a great result.

real estate

An established name in real estate in the north needed a new logo and branding to represent the many facets of their service. They felt they needed something a little more interesting than the "out of the box" real estate style logos that were popping up.

web development

New logo and branding. A coder needed an identity to reflect his style of work. Blazingly fast.


New logo. Local primary school wanted to unify the school and staff in their future direction of diversity - belonging - respect and achievement.


New logo and branding. Kids store that specialised in all things fun for girls and boys rooms. A fun mascot was developed that would allow easy intergration in all the mediums.

Service Industry

Long established premier cleaning company in Adelaide needed a new logo to head up their new site. Included was the request for some indication of the deliberate selection of green solutions the company was adapting.

online marketing

A lifestyle blogger with a fun approach to the home, saving, gardening and lifestyle genre.  With hints and tips highlighted on the blog the brief was to present an image that was fun and true to the blogger. Happy scrimping!


air conditioning

The branding request was for something fresh, modern and appealing to the residential market segment. Initially an industry supplier, they wanted to tackle the market opportunities that they saw and felt would be to the benefit of the consumer. The mum and dad sector.

web developer

When a web builder gave me a call to say he was putting up a new website I jumped at the chance to help out and get his branding inline with the new image. He chose design with the with the all seeing eye. I liked it. He loved it. My work was done here. Oh and just to make sure all is revealed Rob did request I separate the two words slightly in the finished version. Can't win them all.vizyweb logo


Being in business for 20 years was a milestone Mytech wanted to celebrate with a logo/banner to display on all media. Simple banner style treatment in the corporate blue.

mytech 20 years

Mytech folder
"Steve really made an effort to get to know our business processes and the way that we operated so that he could achieve our design goals and project outcomes. His response was always prompt and flexible to our needs, adapting and producing quality work without compromise. We will continue to use his services in the future and have no hesitation in recommending his services to other businesses."
GAVIN ANDREW Managing Director Code House and MyTech Solutions

“Stay true to your values. That’s why you were a success in the first place and that’s how you make incredible things happen.”  –  Rafe Offer 

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