Fun with typography

When is the last time you saw some nice fonts used to display a headline or article? A lot. And thats saying something of the state of design in this day and age. Fonts galore and available everywhere. How nice.

Here are some recent creations of headlines and article titles for some work we produced recently. It was enjoyable to get to manipulate text and display fonts to create interest and some variety. 

When choosing fonts in a chosen design grid I always try to keep top of mind who the target audience is. If its children I would aim for playful and colourful with shapes. If its millennials funky with a splash of confidence. Typography, when used creatively, can express and portray an emotion stir the senses and generate a reaction. At times creative typography can turn into an art piece, it may not be read easily but it can delight and carry a message in an instant.

In saying all this I try to always remember that communication is the key factor in design and the use of typography. Its always been fun to work with type and display fonts to create eye-catching designs that engage and inform while projecting the clients' persona. And that is what we are ultimately trying to create. Visual communication. Take a look at the finished newsletter design here: 


Newsletter Updateparalogo favicon

Screenshot 2019 04 02 22.44.59


Screenshot 2019 04 02 22.41.41

I love working with the title to create a connection with the content.  


Screenshot 2019 04 02 22.43.36

This adds creative weight to the article.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 22.44.12

Although always careful not to add too much as it weighs the design and grid down.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 22.45.17