Branding. Learning to stand out.

What are the biggest overarching 2018 business concerns? A consequence of increased competition, ‘noisy’ markets and less attentive customers is that it becomes more challenging for any business to stand out. In an era of the knowledge economy and multiple media channels left right and centre, It is constantly a huge challenge to get in front of your audience and be noticed. 

We are told that you need to build a brand and develop that brand and brand everything that your audience touches and see's and be consistent with your brand, build your personal brand...whew! brand overload right? So every body, every company, every small business is taking that advice. Suddenly...a crowded market with branding popping up everywhere! Now what?

In marketing terms, it is quoted and said many a time "brands are intellectual properties that provide true competitive differentiators and are an asset in their own rights". Wait, what? I hear you say, What does that mean? 

They are all in the same environment the thing that makes them stand out at that level is positioning by way of unique images, attention-grabbing headlines, beautifully considered layouts and a god given talent for putting all these elements together in a rich, awe-inspiring way that cuts through and sticks with the audience as a result of that positioning. The ability to reach an audience above anyone else at any time then becomes a great asset for that business. Bingo!

For example, Mercedes builds cars of good standing, with a legendary sports and enviable being over-engineered reputation. In that playing field, there are several great competitors revving for that same space and market share. Now these companies have the resources and will to spend enormous amounts of money on marketing, branding, and advertising all in the name of standing out from the rest of the crowd in their market. 

So what does a German car manufacturer that owns the world car space do? Check out the examples. For the market they are pursuing their is a direct and purposeful, consistent and appropriate style and tone to the communication. Always on point. Sure there are other manufacturers doing it with a little less restraint, but hey it was my choice of brand...

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Wow appealing to the power hungry...black and white treatment with a splash of red. Image use with a little photoshop manipulation.


The fashionista catered for...job done thank you very much. Wordsmith created headline with vivid art directed imagery.

mercedes benz sl italians original 80985

The individual need not worry...stand out from the pack and stick it to the competition in a dreamy sort of way. Almost VW like in its simplicity. Strategic thinking at its best...knowing what to leave out.

federer ad ethos

And one for the family man...Hey if it's good enough for him...tapping into the mum and dad sector using insights into the market and emotion.

They create a halo effect around their product by demanding a loyalty and following via the branding they have used. Be it an ad in a lifestyle magazine or a high revving fast-paced tyre burning video online. All tapping into the emotions created from that brand.

It's my gene pool and I'll chant if I want to.
Take a look at the whole tribalistic movement of sports clubs, teams and gangs. And with it the badges and flags and colour that identifies you with that brand alongside the emotions and power it generates. What drives us to become loyal to a particular brand and fervently display our allegiance to that brand. What makes some of us get almost obsessive in the collection or acquisition of "our brand?" Quite simply blame it on the stone-age. Research has shown that it is a basic human instinct and

Quite simply blame it on the stone-age. Research has shown that it is a basic human instinct and need for us to belong to a tribe or clan and to be socially active in it. With that in mind, we have seen leaders or key players in society and our history use this force to drive society thru the ages to fight wars, cross oceans and propel themselves on machines powered by liquid fuel to the skies and beyond. That's how strong the need to belong or be seen in a particular tribe is.

No wonder then that advertisers and marketers can tap into that basic and raw emotion (whether by accident or by design) that sits in the minds of an audience. Call it what you like, we all want to belong to a brand and we will let other tribes know who we belong to and how much better off we are in our clan. And if we can do it in a way that displays our prowess in choosing a particular brand or clan...even better.

Whats that got to do with branding?
And that is why we believe the creation of a brand requires it to be a stand out affair. It needs to be unique to the product and branding. It needs to identify the product amongst a sea of similar or related products that are wanting that same loyalty and following. This is a research-based discipline that draws upon cutting-edge insights from diverse disciplines like psychology, marketing and technology. It taps into a raw genetic emotion using the strength and reach of modern techniques.

It goes something like this.

Create unique assets - with your products, service and raw assets

Create a brand - with your stand out voice or communication design language

Create a following - with your stand out messages

Create loyal customers - with your stand out unique brand and more importantly your stand out customer care and service

To do this you need to stand out. You don't pussyfoot around the goal you are trying to achieve. Use every image, typeface, colour, data and headline in a unique and dynamic out of the box way and say it with a little gusto and faith that your audience isn't as brain dead as we think.

Stand out - cut through. Get a professional. Don't try this at home - we've seen the results of that.  paralogo favicon

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