Web builder logo

When a web builder gave me a call to say he was putting up a new website I jumped at the chance to help out and get his branding inline with the new image.

I had a meeting with Rob to get a feel for the concepts I was thinking to develop. He did want something funky and a little out there. As I said you do here clients expressing these sentiments and then get cold feet once it comes down to the home stretch. I try to adapt to these situations and incorporate the clients request with a touch of conservatism to keep it real so to speak. Well this logo design was a go ahead and I started the process.

Screenshot 2015-07-15 22.25.58

I looked at the name of Vizyweb. The style of Robs way of working and it was quick and slick. Getting down to the work and producing projects in exceptional time. I chose the green and orange colour language. I really felt it was fresh and suited the online presence Rob was after. (It helped that he mentioned these colours as well) But I refined them to the new and slick colours you see before you! Yeh Yeh you say.

Anyway the first ideas were presented with a sans italic font and incorporating the colour palette we decided on. All looked good. It did have movement with a positive forward motion looking to the future and moving ahead! Then I showed the funky versions we talked about. Bang! back in the 70's with that crazy colour combo man. I think he liked it all so far.

Screenshot 2015-07-15 22.25.41

Well that wasnt all. l had toyed with the idea of an all seeing eye that represented focus and laser targeted web solutions. And a web connected symbol of the connections achieved of a good website. They all had some sort of meaning to me.

But that isnt what designing a logo is about. We as graphic designers are here to communicate. It all works well after you have shown image after graphic after idea if the client takes ownership and feels he can work with the image, graphic or logo design. If we as designers achieve this we have won the battle. Instilling confidence in the client by presenting a device that can communicate his ethos and business ideals is what its all about. It just makes good business sense.

Screenshot 2015-07-15 22.25.18
Well he chose the 3rd visual with the top design withthe all seeing eye. I liked it. He loved it. My work was done here. Oh and just to make sure all is revealed Rob did request I separate the two words slightly in the finished version. Can't win them all.