Design concepts

An Award winning fitness guru and body builder wanted to develop a unique look and feel compared to the typical gym culture branding.

The purpose of a dynamic brand is to make the product pop off the shelf. With all the competition and visual overload these days it's hard to achieve. The agreed approach to this project was to produce a solution that changes your perspective of the existing branding and culture. In this case an Award winning fitness guru and body builder wanted to create a unique look and feel to the typical gym culture imagery. Concentrating on fitness supplements that are green and lean giving you the required essential nutrients to help in your fitness regime and appealing to a feminine demographic we set about incorporating colour in the proposed branding. 

Design concepts.6

Along with some active figures and pointing them in the right direction we gave the pieces some movement. We kept the images simple and graphic looking.

Design concepts

The silouette style images could be enlarged and shrunk to any size and still create impact and be recognisable.

Design concepts.2

The typographic treatment would be stylish with some funk. 

Design concepts.3

Appropriate images were linked to the appropriate titles and graphics. Creating the unified look across the various services.

Design concepts.4


Design concepts.5



Above: Some of the initial thumbnails/visuals we produced for him. 

Below: So the need to apply the style to a few pieces including DL leaflets that were to be produced and printed. As shown

Design concepts.leaf

Design concepts. leaf 2