For the Rite Price

When it comes to print collateral there is nothing nicer than a freshly printed leaflet off the press which started from nothing. In this digital age it really is taken for granted. The magic of printing still lives on thankfully with the great team of Print Matters in Norwood. Advertising leaflets come to life quickly and efficiently.

After completing a few online projects for Rite Price Heating & Cooling including a redraw and supply of their Solar Energy logo (below) they came to us with a design and print request for some A4 leaflets with a product promotion and specials we knew where to go.

Screenshot 2016 04 22 11.54.13

Print seems to have taken a back seat these days with all the digital activity and social noise around. Print Matters has been around for quite some time and is known for being in the forefront of digital printing.

We trust their extensive experience in print formats and finishes to suit any budget without compromising on quality and impact. A quick response from Joe and the team at Print Matters meant I was able to provide design and print quotes within 30 minutes for the request.

Bingo! job was approved and underway. Client waited and we came back with visuals and they were approved and sent to the printers. We based our solution on the previous branding we had created for Rite Price and they were using in their web campaigns. This is always important to continue that familiarity developed earlier. It assures customers and eases their fears or pains in dealing with a company.

Screenshot 2016 04 22 11.31.09

Screenshot 2016 04 22 11.31.22