Oliver Technologies - rebrand

An abrasive blasting and spray technology company that needed a new image and branding to further push their marketing direction.



The logo graphic reflects the past services and history of Oliver Technologies (blue and green) and includes the addition to the colour scheme of the orange which represents the innovative side of Oliver Technologies along with the research development and support the company is well capable of providing now and into the future.

Branded stationery.
You can use it to improve your image, make use of marketing opportunities and spread your brand message further. What's more it is very simple to get your own branded stationery created and the effects can be very noticeable in a short time period.


Company brochure design. Style with substance.
The brochures and inserts needed to be read by the targeted consumers which were in the top tier level of the market so that they could find out about the latest services and products that Oliver Technologies are offering.

These consumers naturally gravitate and are accustomed to seeing on a daily basis premium eye-catching design due to the nature of where they sit in the market. These brochures would be competing with other point of contact material from other businesses and competitors. Oliver Technologies wanted their items to stand out and ideally beckon to the passing customers eyes.

They needed to be attractive and creative brochures that would effectively inform and naturally bear important content. After all beauty is nothing without substance. So with that in mind the following materials for their marketing communications were developed:

A hard cover folder with flaps to accomodate business cards and 8 x A4 inserts with product and service details. A high quality finish was recommended for the folders. A 300gsm card with full colour printing and matt finish with a gloss UV varnish to highlight certain areas of print and images on the folders. This created a slick and high end product that was good to view and hold.

The full colour inserts were produced on a 250 gsm gloss stock and were varnish coated to avoid print and ink scuffing. These had consistent styling cues and graphics throughout and in keeping with the previously produced stationery. All tied in together making a strong presence.



Website design and development.
Oliver Technologies was very clear about increasing the sales of the products and services that they provide. They wanted to find ways to make their existing business more viable and profitable. One effective way was to provide product online to increase sales through their website.

To achieve this and provide a flexible solution for now and to be evergreen in the online arena a CMS website was developed with specific coding and modules to provide online ordering and delivery of what will eventually be over 400 products.

The final outcome projects a professional image and provides that online presence that is an effective sales tool with flexibility to add and make changes through a robust CMS sytem that the client can utilise in house.