Newsletters - are they obsolete?

In this day and age of blogs, posts, tweets and instant snaps mixed with social and digital media channels why would you go to the trouble of producing a printed version of a newsletter?

Engaging with your customers and developing brand loyalty.
Imagine a printed piece that's well designed easy to read and printed on a beautiful paper. Statistics show that people retain printed newsletters and magazines that they are sent regularly from a business they have a relationship with far more than an ezine, post, blog or online medium.

A few things to keep in mind.
People stories. The latest hike or travel adventure by you or your clients. Highlight celebs or figures in the community that relate to your service or products. Or just the simple thank you to customers and clients for their patronage. Recognition goes a long way.

Funny unusual or interesting piece of info that intrigues and fascinates.
Nothing beats little bites of information that gets spread through the group or office. News pieces that are both relevant to your industry and are exciting new developments. Maybe express an opinion that opens a dialogue about your businesses principles and ideas. This can unite a team or group with shared values.

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Tips and tricks and how-tos are always a winner.
For example, how to design a brochure, make a logo design or flyer design inspiration. Also, provide some limited product or service promotion in the mix for example "new logo design price". Don’t over do it. Maybe a monthly new product update. New service intro or a special offer to loyal clients.

Support your web, social and brand messages.
All this material and research can be recycled to suit Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, posts and tweets. This produces a strong uniform brand and image across all mediums. All this along with good branding guidelines and logo development should produce great results consistently over and over again. Also it's a great way to direct more visits to your website.

2 x easy steps to getting your new look newsletter designed!
Below are costs for designing and producing your newsletter of choice to finished print ready art for offset or digital output. Printing is extra so give us a call to discuss prices and print runs you will need.

1) How many pages you'll need.
This will depend on whether you are a small business, club or association. Usually, the 4 pager option is plenty to tell your story and make some announcements. For medium sized businesses that deal in products and services, the 6 pager option is good to go as it provides plenty of space for new product and service feature announcements. For larger firms with over 20 staff and national presence, we recommend the 8 pager design option for maximum space to tell all in a comfortable and effective manner. Good large images and plenty of interesting articles . Call us to discuss we'll be happy to spend the time going through your options.

2) Gather all images and articles.
All the existing images and previously used working, PDF and vector files you have on file. Any new images and articles to be set up in individual folders named and marked clearly. Use any cloud-based storage or transfer service like Dropbox or Wetransfer. If you don't have any articles we can organise to have these ready for you.

Call us for a printing quote. We have the connections.
With over 30 years experience in Adelaide, we have got to know a thing or two about printing and suppliers that are reliable and provide good value for money while producing a quality product.

Call for a quote 0419 817169 now! or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Top graphic designers in Adelaide.
As creators of branding and advertising for over 30 years in Adelaide, you will get the best service and attention to detail in the business. You benefit from years experience both in the corporate and advertising fields producing print and web content for major Adelaide businesses.

If you need a logo refresh we love creating company logo ideas and can show you how to make your own logo with our help to reinforce and support all your newsletter and branding activities.

For some great graphic design examples of printed material check our website under Brochures + Leaflets and Now to see how we have helped many businesses to create online logo solutions. You'll also find examples of brochures and how to design a brochure, flyer design inspiration that all effectively communicate your companies brand and principles.