A website design was created to allow online shopping and with the signature colour pink featured strongly along with a selection of supporting colours to be used throughout the brand.

The project

Startup and naming for this great children's online and brick and mortar store. The owners wanted to start with a strong presence. Budget allocation a minimum. We knew we wanted a fun and bright brand to go online and the support material needed to be selective to what was needed rather than wanted. 

The solution

New logo and branding. Kids store that specialised in all things fun for girls and boys rooms. A fun mascot was developed that would allow easy integration in all the mediums. Our first stop was developing name and tagline for the owners. Once that was approved the brand signature and graphic creating the logo. Pink, bold and fun. Support colours to suit and away we went.

"Bugz" the mascot was to be used as a major feature on the various material in a flexible way. It could be chatting to us via the speech bubble or used to tie in the brand language. It also part of the logo signature.

Screenshot 2019 05 11 174537 

Support material developed

Using our process and workshop session to create the name and tag line we proceeded to create the logo and its components. Graphic or "Bugz"  mascot and the distinct font treatment all came together to create the new logo and branding. A good example of producing a lean brand system suited to the budget and scope of work needed to create a strong presence.

Along with the usual business cards and tags, bags and internal posters, we created some advertising to be used in editorial situations along with Gift vouchers and the suite was complete. A good startup solution for a new online business.

Again the mascot graphic from the logo signature was used to add a little playfulness to the Gift Voucher along with the Bugz Bubbles.

Proposals for vehicle signage completed the branding


The branding and logo developed allowed the owners to get on with the business of "bedrooms for boys and belles" with confidence and a clear brand strategy, how to use it and when. The clients they attracted online via the advertising and promotions were delighted with the shop and the service.