TaylorCare was created to address a need for professional high quality recruitment service for the government, non-government and private care sectors of Australia.

TaylorCare Recruitment differentiates itself by providing a personalised service ensuring we understand the needs of both employer and candidate and place people in roles that will best meet their career objectives.

The project

When Kate was referred to us via an associate we jumped on the opportunity to create her logo for her new brand of recruitment service. It was important to her that she projected the personalised care aspect of her style of recruitment in the industry. She asked if we could develop the logo and branding of her new venture. This was to include her signature purple shade. Initially, the discussion was around getting the care aspect across visually. Like all our projects we discussed their aspirations and the realistic goals, all would like to achieve with the project. As always we requested some visual material to gather an insight as to what they perceive as "caring and personal" and the essence or feel that they wanted to project.

The solution

We began by looking at the visual cues in our society, hands, heart and so on. But we wanted a distinct mark that would be legible whether large or small. We considered the main focus at its simplest level for TaylorCare's brand direction, and that was to keep in mind a common catch-cry that is verbalised often in marketing "it's about people" in this case the portrayal of the human figure. That resonated with TaylorCare and was a favoured direction. We then refined some of the thumbnails to come up with the two-stroke mark with the overlapping qualities. This symbolised the multiple talents in the people recruited, offered and sought by TaylorCare.

To further enhance the caring aspect we suggested the softer colour palette chosen for the mark and any branding in the future. The font was a strong sans style, simple and versatile and when it needed to could be a light version as well.

The caring hand visual cue was strong but didn't produce a unique feel to the logo.

Still considering the hand concept further it ran out of steam.

We then turned our attention to the heart solution and a typographical option.

This had its appeal but we went further and developed the human figure made up of the two-stroke concept symbolising the various talent and skills by the canditates.


The logo is used for a variety of marketing pushes and mediums. Initially on the website and follow through with various projects. Overall a feeling of ownership was developed by Kate and a sense of pride to conduct business in the marketplace with confidence. Particularly when the client "takes ownership" of their project. This means the project reflects the personality of the client, it performs its task in that frame and projects the distinct DNA that makes the company unique and differentiates itself from the competition. All the hallmarks of a great brand and starting point for any new venture.