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Case study.


Code House has been involved in software design and development since 1995. The Company formed out of a need for specialised accounting and payroll systems designed specifically for the Labour Hire and Group Training Industries. These systems form the basis of the Code House product range.

Codehouse knew it was time to brand the suite of services it provided including the feature of providing this as a cloud based system. Being a previous client and with an eye and sense for good design and marketing it was a pleasure to hear about this project and get the go ahead to produce the branding and print material to go with it.

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The process begins with an initial brief and meeting with Gavin Andrews the Director of Codehouse and MyTech. Gavin wanted a way to market the applications they had provided and existed since 1995 as CHIP. We agreed that the name should remain and the brand should stand alone and be unique. Simple. We knew that a business mark should be developed and everything under that brand CHIP should be consistent in style and feel.

We quickly went back and started to put pen to paper (no pixel pushing yet). After sorting thru some thumbnails we made our suggestions as visuals (no finished art) at this stage which looked like this:






"Nearly there" Gavin said as he looked at a few more options as he 
reviewed the visuals. "Okay lets look at what we all like (client and SPD) so far" we said. Had a look, went back and did some more work sent something thru asap. And waited. 

"They're good but they just dont feel right we might need to meet again and revisit the whole angle were coming from." said the client "Sure thing when?" we said.

We made a time and sat down and thankfully took the time to chat and both realised we needed to go a different direction. 

Gavin's concern was the branding taking on a completely new look of an existing service that was well established. He liked the idea of the cloud symbol and the arrow treatment. We made some suggestions at the meeting and all agreed it was the way to go. 

Stay tuned...

Rethink of brief
Back again with an update. After some careful consideration and adjustments to the brief we went ahead with some suggestions that were relevant in our second meeting with Gavin. We tied the logo in with the Codehouse branding via the use of the arrow device and colours. This went well with the client which approved the visuals and proceeded to order the final art in the development process.

 Screenshot 2014-08-25 12.24.04

With a little feedback from Gavin and a clever suggestion from the team regarding a cloud icon in the strapline, the design and development of the logo/business mark came to a happy completion for all.

Screenshot 2014-08-25 12.28.27Screenshot 2014-08-25 12.28.57


Infographic design and development. 
The next step was to start the process of the infographic to be used in the project and printed collateral material. Thumbnails were done and reviewed by us to see the direction look and feel of the graphic.


Thumbnails prove to be a focused way of working and part of the process which is always used to hone in on the best solution before any pixel is pushed on the screen.


The most suitable solutions are chosen. Sometimes a hard decision to make. In this case the hexagonal approach was favoured along with a light touch type of graphic with thin line treatment. 


The circle style representation of the CHIP process was rejected at this stage. An alternative solution was requested by the client.


Next step.Infographic thumbnails brought to life. 
This project has been pretty dynamic so far in the process. Some rethinking and adjusting to the opportunities that come up on a marketing point of view and promotion. After showing the client some worked up visuals a direction was taken to develop the solution further to suit the info presented. Take a look at the solutions worked up to vector format.

Screenshot 2014-08-30 14.42.16Screenshot 2014-08-30 14.42.31Screenshot 2014-08-30 14.42.44

Making a decision on the direction and style of the infographic. 
After presenting the first drafts I explained to Gavin my thoughts on the graphic. I wanted to show a flow of direction. Also I felt the colour selection should be a retro take on the colour scale. Not too bright and work togeher and on their own as well. The hexagonal option seemed to show more colour because of the area they covered.
The other options acted as highlites. There were the swirls which presented a less formall approach and free flowing not tying down the process. The other linear approach was a little more formal with a hierachy feel to the process. In this instance and in most of the times when presenting 3 x options we try to present 3 different takes and thinking to the client. Well with all that's said and done and these ideas sent to the client...we wait again.

Success! decision made.   
Client feedback was good. We're all go for the hexagonal solution. Now this is where it gets interesting. How to make it fit into all the marketing material and make it work for the client. Some feedback from Gavin at Mytech further clarified the process and the flow of the infographic. I initially represented the different modules as random selections a potential client could pick and choose which ever suited their needs. Gavin felt it was important to show a particular flow and process to the system (CHIP).


So with a few tweaks and text changes and adjustments to the colours I sent back a revised version. After taking a look at it the approval came through and it was time for the next step of the products.The development of the A3 folding to an A4 leaflet. Let the fun begin.  

A3 folding to A4. Brochure.  
The next stage was to bring all this info and detail into a format that suited an A3 folding to A4 brochure. The client wanted to show the process of the software in a lineal manner that was simple and quick. Along with the infographic developed earlier and some choice text and images from the website we unified the look of the brochurewith all the other material and graphics.

A Concept was sent through to the client and assessed. All good the brochure design was a hit and a few key elements were to be changed to suit the product.


Screenshot 2015-06-18 11.24.30

Screenshot 2015-06-18 11.24.42

With a little back and forth emailing a final design for the inside and support graphics was reached. The next stage was final colour checking the purchase and placement of final images to replace the positionals and sending off to the printer after getting the final OK to go. Another project happily completed on time and ready for the exhibition.


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