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A logo for any business should be the absolute key element in establishing a brand. Get repeat customers. Help them remember you. Your logo is a representation of your business and its purpose and will be the first point of contact for most of your customers.

Logo design is important for two main reasons; to communicate efficiently with your customers and to differentiate your business from the competition.

At Parashis Creative we can achieve the first goal by working closely with you to attain a broad understanding of who you are what your business is trying to achieve and where your business’s strengths lie. By conveying all of these points in a simple concise symbol your customers will be emotionally engaged in your business and will come to associate many things with it.

Various studies undertaken within marketing show that not only do people prefer to deal with a business with a professional logo they are also prepared to spend more with that business. I can create an effective logo design for your business that will put it far above the stagnant competition and make it stand out from in shelves and in the customers’ mind.

There is a lot more to professional logo design than commonly believed. Your logo will be a tool for communication with your audience. It needs to project your business as professional and trustworthy. I have had a lot of experience successfully addressing these points for clients in the past. See my work below and discover how I can create online logo ideas and a voice for many clients.


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lend assist logo

New logo and branding.

A finance consultant needed a logo to head his new venture in property lending. A strong logo that was developed very quickly and easily. The client responded to info sent to him quickly. This helped greatly in producing the logo from start to finish in 3 days. All in a days work for logo designer online.




 lifeflow logo 2

New logo and branding. Web presence
Adelaide meditation centre with a point of difference. A refreshing approach to meditation and balance in life. The logo and website have now been well established.





John Martin RE logo

New logo and branding. 
An established name in real estate in the north needed a new logo and branding to reproduce easily across all mediums.





New logo and branding. 
A Software developer that had a successful and long-running product knew it was time to brand the suite of services it provided as a cloud based system. The logo was to be strong and incorporate the existing Codehouse branding. A great client and project that produced a great result. Check out the process on this site under now 



dock one logo. 2016
New logo and branding. 
The Port was going through a transformation and we were briefed to produce a logo that represented the new development and its location. Also to allow for ease of use in all mediums web, print and signage.



Screenshot 2015-07-15 23.29.02

New logo and branding. 
A web developer that helps me out with building quick dynamic sites for clients needed a new logo. Quick and slick with a focus on client satisfaction is the way they work. So I went ahead and produced this new branding and logo. All in a day's work. Well, not that quick.




Scrimplogo 8.14

New logo and branding. 
A lifestyle blogger with a fun approach to the home, saving, gardening and lifestyle genre.  With hints and tips highlighted on the blog the brief was to present an image that was fun and true to the blogger. Happy scrimping!



New logo and branding. 
A coder needed an identity to reflect his style of work. Blazingly fast.



New logo and web presence 
Long established premier cleaning company in Adelaide needed a new logo to head up their new site.





New logo and branding. Product label development. Web presence
Award winning fitness guru and body builder wanted to develop a unique look and feel to the typical gym culture branding.



New logo
Local primary school wanted to unify the school and staff in their future direction of diversity - belonging - respect and achievement.




New logo and branding. Web presence
The branding request was for something fresh, modern and appealing to the residential market segment. 




 Bedbugz logo

New logo and branding.
Kids store that specialised in all things fun for girls and boys rooms. A fun mascot was developed that would allow easy intergration in all the mediums.

New logo and branding. Web presence
An abrasive blasting and spray technologies company that needed a new image and branding.


New logo and branding. Web presence
A new recruitment agency with the desire to project a slick, clean image.


New logo.
A high end cabinetry and kitchen manufacturer in the commercial sector.


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