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One of the most effective tools of communication for any business. And one of the most inexpensive. Professional brochure design is an often overlooked business marketing tool. Plagued by experiences of amateur production and poor design, many businesses are losing out on a marketing avenue that can earn them great returns

Brochures (including fliers, leaflets, pamphlets, etc.) are useful tools in raising the awareness of your business, conveying its goals and vision, reinforcing your brand and educating your audience. Brochures give you the opportunity to create or alter a common perception of your business and leave a good impression.

A well designed brochure should communicate and engage consumers in an effective manner that will motivate them to read it. Consumers expect professional businesses to have printed material; it raises the legitimacy of the business’s profile. Consumers are also becoming increasingly time poor; any material they can take with them will provide to them the opportunity to peruse it at their leisure. In that manner you will already be saving your customers time ahead of the competition. Adding important information on the brochure, like contact information and directions, will also give the customer a reason to hold onto the brochure.

Whilst the content of your brochure is important in educating your audience, it is ineffective if they are not motivated to read it. We can find a balance between content presentation and engaging aesthetics. We can even assist in ensuring your content is concise, informative and beneficial to your brand. Our high quality production can also offer many finishing options. By selecting an appropriate paper (or ‘stock’ as we call it), employing interesting shapes and folds, or suggesting special inks and finishes, your brochure will stand out from the crowd. 
Below showcases some of our successful brochure designs.

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Patio Living. A quality product supplier and manufacturer that wanted to stay fresh in the growing outdoor living market. A square finish was chosen with a folio style layout and detail shots to paint a picture perfect product in use. The style was fresh and simple with the image's doing the selling. Simple style.




SPASA. The South Australian Pool and Spa Association wanted to inform the public and pool owners of ways to efficiently save water as pool and spa owners. A dye - cut design for the cover was devised for the 26 page booklet and a fun illustration style to support the water and money saving tips. A bold treatment of blue with a graphic device of swirls to keep the water theme running through all the promo material.



Newtons. Building and landscape suppliers produced this A3 folding to A4 leaflet on a 150 gloss stock as a mail-out to the trade and public. With monthly specials and premier product suppliers featured it was a refreshing change of direction. 



MyTech Solutions. A Software and IT company in Adelaide that focuses on local support. Again a quality finish with matt lamination and spot UV varnish on the outside of the business pack. Along with some targeted A5 leaflets highlighting the solution to IT woes. This was an effective print solution that raised the profile of the business and also provided some useful leave behind material the would be too good to throw away.



APMS. Adelaide Pipeline Maintenance Services is part of the Hall and Baum group of companies. The brief was to produce a low cost digital solution as the print quantities were going to be low. The solution was to produce an A3 folding to an A4 brochure style product on a firm gloss stock that could easily be printed digitaly. Full colour with a stylistic approach to pipeline searching and cleaning made for a striking info piece.



Jeffries. Compost soil and mulch experts are a well known South Australian company. Leading the way in recycling and compost and soil technology with water saving qualities they wanted to produce a catalogue that highlighted their premium soils and provide price points. A 6 page A5 leaflet that folded out to showcase product was designed produced and printed to the clients expectations. Keeping the existing branding while making the product informative and interesting enough not to throw it away was acheived.



Oliver Technologies. Commisioned to produce a striking business pack folder that was slick and sophisticated for the premium market they wanted to attract. The solution was to produce a corporate folder with gloss UV varnish treatment on a matt finish which was enhanced with featuring product and company projects to date. The folder was produced on a 250gsm card further strengthened by the matt plastic coating. All up the full gloss inserts made a striking contrast adding to the impact of the package.



Womens Legal Service. After serving South Australia for 17 years the group approached us to produce a publication that could introduce the new premises that were to be officially opened. The request was to produce a booklet that would allow digital printing and PDF supply online. All done in a matter of days (4 to be exact) a budget project that didnt skimp on style and substance.

In addition a set of DL leaflets were produced and offset printed to support the organistion continuing the branding and style of all other materials produced eg. posters and website.



ScottsAir. Along with the new logo and branding was the inclusion of a new corporate folder with A3 folding to A4 inserts to be designed and produced by SPD to boost the new branding and provide product information across all sectors of the market. A matt plastic coated finish with UV varnish spot printing was suggested and aproved to lift the quality image that was needed to make an impression on the competitive residential market.




JAG Kitchens.Requested a mail out to send through to certain areas in Adelaide as inserts in a local paper. The product neded to stay in line with the branding and be cost efficient. A4 140 gsm style leaflet was designed, produced and printed with a great response for the campaign from the targeted lucrative suburbs. Kitchen renovation rules again.


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