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The average consumer is subjected to an incredible 247 advertisements per day. 
So why should they buy your product? How do they find your business? An effective advertising strategy will make sure your brand is not forgotten. 


Advertising is the perfect way to attract the attention of loyal and new consumers. Whatever product you may be selling, advertising will be one of the most important factors in increasing sales.

The combination of successfully selling a product or service and the promotion of the business’s brand will improve connections with the audience. Thanks to this connection consumers can understand what the product or service is and the business that can give them the best solution.

In a crowded market advertising is essential to the success of a company - as long as it is marketed correctly and follows the latest trends for the target market. New ways of advertising have developed with modern technologies and continue to change. To direct the attention of a wide market use as large a selection of advertising methods and range of media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and online as possible. When trying to connect to a niche market a more direct approach is needed through social networking and video-on-demand advertising (services like YouTube), where the consumer audience already exists.

What you give is what you get the more time and budget spent on well thought out and appropriate advertising wether its a branding exercise or as shown a pure retail approach will result in a much better increase of sales the promotion of the brand and promotion of the product among the target audience. Success is prevalent and proven in the creativity and uniqueness of a professionally produced advertising campaign. Below is a sample of advertising we have developed for clients.

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Elizabeth Shopping Centre. The centre needed some advertising to take advantage of the Christmas traffic and let people know of Christmas trading details and season offers. The plan was to do some targetted web banners with a static message and in strategic areas to maximise the campaign. Along with some TV exposure all bases were covered.







St Andrew’s Hospital. The hospital has provided medical and surgical excellence to South Australians for more than 75 years. To highlight this and the calibre of people that provide excellent services full colour adverts were created to send the message clearly and strongly while reinforcing the brand.



Boral. Boral South Australia always outperformed its interstate counterparts. Sales have always been healthier compared to the other cities. This was due to a deliberate retail and sales oriented approach to the style of adverts produced. Clear product images and price point. Recipe for success from an oldschool master.





ScottsAir. Staying cool was never so affordable! Pre-season campaign that sent sales northward. The style was simple and chic. The results were pretty cool to say the least. The ads appeared in the local papers and covers (inside front and back)  of editorial magazines in different areas to test the various markets.





Railways. Landscape suppliers in Adelaide - Railways changed their name from the Railway Sleeper Company. To let existing and future customers know we created an new brand and the advertising to go with it. This full page ad style was used in a variety of papers and magazines throughout Adelaide. Featuring weekly specials that made it easy to make changes to suit the various offers.  




JAG Kitchens. Always projecting a premium image these ads were developed to follow the branding. Reflecting quality sophistication and value for money. The format allowed for a premium magazine format and a press style to suit various lifestyle magazines. 





Phoenix Plaza. The shopping precinct in the north east required an advertising campaign to announce the arrival of its presence in the market. Ads were developed and targeted at the demographic best suited to the location. Full page ads and black and white versions were developed for an effective campaign across various local publications.





DockOne. The project in Port Adelaide proved successful for the developers in creating an awareness of the latest opportunities on the waterfront. All were sold well before the official expected timeframe. The plan was to produce full size ads to appear in colour and the attention grabbing strip ads in various publications. The Ports transformation was well underway!

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