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Project Bliss
January 2017

kitchen next front

A premium kitchen designer and builder in Adelaide decides to promote through a printed brochure. "A little quirky and left of field" they said. Nothing too unusual. "We still want to present as professional and contemporary."

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December 2016

why the logo is not enough

So you have your logo and now you start marketing with it. No its not that simple. It needs support with a variety of content. Simply slapping your logo on everything is not enough. You need more.

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September 2016 

why email list

You've heard it over and over again. Get an email list. Start building it today. Why? It's your most valuable asset online today and you own it outright.

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Lets talk fashion
May 2016 

alexia logo

A logo for a Berlin fashion blogger. The brief was to produce a unique logo that would assist in marketing the blog about fashion and everything in vogue and of interest to all those who want to know. You win some you lose some.

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Testing the waters
March 2016 


A client with a venue in need of a boost in foot traffic asks for a solution to attract punters. Simple strong headlines and develop a style. All this with a lot of info to display in the banners.

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For the Rite Price
February 2016 


When it comes to print collateral there is nothing nicer than a freshly printed leaflet off the press which started from nothing. In this digital age it really is taken for granted. The magic of printing still lives on thankfully with the great team of Print Matters in Norwood. Advertising leaflets come to life quickly and efficiently.

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Lending a hand
January 2016 

A finance broker specialising in lending and loans asks for a new image for a new venture. Business is great and you can't keep up with it. No time to think about anything aesthetic or arty. What are you going to do? Call the experts that's what. Your good at what you do so leave this stuff to people who know their stuff. 

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The rise of the web banner
November 2015


A lot of client enquiries are coming in on display advertising (web banners) in various media channels. There are some great packages in our local and national advertising mediums that are good value for money for the reach that is achieved. A few projects came in that needed to be completed for the Christmas and New Year breaks. The question that kept popping up is "static or animated?" 

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Its just the beginning.   

September 2015 

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.28.35

St Johns Grammar prints an annual graduation booklet that celebrates the coming of age of the year 12 students and documents their thoughts and memories of the year that was. Prepared and equipped with all they have experienced they are ready to look the world in the eyes and more. 

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Website in luxury. 
July 2015 

A longtime client approached me for a personal website to aid in marketing an apartment in Dusseldorf Germany.
My recomendation was to add some substantial content. Google loves quality content. Along with a few other little things like key words, linkbuilding, SEO etc. we've all heard the mantra. Oh and a Youtube video presence with some great images and a flexible layout for phone, tablet and desktop. Informative content visually rich to match the apartment style.

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To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

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