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A wholesale blind and window finishing company in Adelaide told their story using a unique image and a distinctly finished promo piece with gloss varnish embellishment and a matt coating contrast to finish the printed brochure. 

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Logo + Branding for business will always be the core service.
By working closely with you we attain a broad understanding of who you are what your business is trying to achieve and where your business strengths lay. By conveying all of these points in a simple concise logo or business mark your customers will be emotionally engaged in your business. We then apply a style or as we like to call it "graphic language" to suit all your communications. In doing so we create a brand around your product or service. Below are costs and additional services that support that key branding that are available and add value and strength to this foundation work.

Logo + Branding Packs to suit your budget.

Power Pack
1 x page guide
1 x colour guide
Ai • eps • jpeg formats
A great starter pack for
start ups that need a
quick solution.
This can be expanded
later as the business grows.
Creative Pack
4 x page correct usage guide
1 x colour guide
1 x font usage guide
Ai • eps • jpeg formats
This pack expands on
the Power Pack and
includes a correct
usage guide of the logo.
Corporate Pack
12 x page style guide
Ai • eps • jpeg formats
For serious marketing
managers and brand
custodians of a business
or company. Covers all
the aspects and details
of the logo and it's
correct usage ready to
be implemented and used.

Support services

Whether its editorial creation text for white paper downloads or press releases. We can produce content to suit any style and tone required. We make sure all web content and case studies suit your brand and the unique voice of your business. Where a special campaign may be required we like to use some of our copywriting specialists that we have got to know over the years and worked with frequently. We have extensive experience in print formats and finishes including effective printers to produce the right product to suit any budget without compromising on quality and impact.
We provide web design and development using Joomla. It's robust and used by millions of web developers and businesses around the world. Its a an open-source content management system (CMS). We design sites that are clear and easy to navigate and present your business with a dynamic platform that can easily be added and upgraded by yourself or a developer
We can arrange and produce advertising in the primary social channels Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and the Google network. We can set up your Social Media Channels initially and provide comments and articles. Once we have established content you can choose to keep it going on a regular monthly basis or we can teach you how to take over. Our "all done for me" service is set up for you with posts and content that applies to your target market.
We can produce 30 second, 15 second videos for presentations or TV commercials. Small introduction videos to promote your business online and attract visitors. Create campaigns and scripts, storyboards and organise all the approval requirements. We can liase with TV stations and selected media channels to streamline the process of placement and final airing
Advertising is the perfect way to attract the attention of loyal and new consumers. Whatever product you may be selling advertising will be one of the most important factors in increasing sales. Whether its online or through various key local print channels we can help. Web banner advertising can be an effective and inexpensive method of reaching potential clients. Animated or not? Skyscraper or square? We can help identify the segments and channels to use to get the most effective reach. Its not about the biggest ad or clever animation. Contact us for more details.

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To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.