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PostBox is our done for you social media posting service. It exists solely to making awesome branded content that we create and post for you.


4 styles of content.

We produce branded posts for these main categories. This provides a balanced posting and effective cross section of posts for your audience. We dont bombard your audience with the hard sell. It doesnt work on social media. We provide useful and valuable content that your audience can digest and enhances your brand. 4 post

Lets talk about being social.

By chatting and working closely with you we get an understanding of who you are what your business is trying to achieve and who you want to reach. chat 3 

By conveying all of these points in our visuals on social media your customers will be emotionally engaged in your business. In doing so we create a brand around your product or service.



The Brief.
We then produce a creative brief that we all read and sign-off before we start producing the relevant content. brief 3

This is where we set down goals and outcomes you want to achieve in relation to your Social Media marketing plan. At this stage we have discussed the branding such as logos and images that you have specifically in mind to use. The frequency of your posts and budgets. The intended style of the posts. Any materials and images are to be supplied at this stage before we commence with the scheduling and production of your posts.



Keeping it tidy.

Once all the housekeeping has been taken care of we start producing your posts and scheduling ready for your review and approval. tidy3

Here we start seeing the results of our meetings and discussions resulting in our agreed and approved brief.  All post styles are segmented and appropriate comments are developed based on the subject and links. Your schedule if required is developed and ready for approval all with the images, comments and graphics. We then send you the posts with the segmented categories and images to suit for approval.

Our job is nearly done.
Once we get your approval of the schedule and posts we are ready to go.

We match all the material with your schedules so we know exactly what we need to do and when. At this stage your ready to start your Social Media posts with confidence knowing it applies to your business and your short and long term goals in your style that reflects your business personality and tone that your followers and customers know.

The formats.
Below are samples of how we supply the raw post files for approval. file. sample content

Posts as they appeared for client campaigns. 
A variety of typography based styles. skin sample post1 duss. sample post skin.sample post2  


Sometimes its best to let the product do the talking. sample post 2 tea sample 3  

Linked curated posts to inform your audience and create authority. sample post1 sample post 2  

A strong visual style to really drive home the brand. post 3 tea sample post 1  

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