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Establishing parashiscreative as a boutique design consultancy producing branding solutions for businesses. Providing logo and brand development and supporting that foundational work with content creation, such as print collateral creation, website design and development, social media development, video creation, digital advertising online and print.
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think. brand. connect process and methods.

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Content created for a client with an ebook to sell. Designed and developed from concept to finished document. As always good images helped communicate the message with a good dose of copywriting helped produce an easy reading style of book.



Implement design process and streamline design exploration and solutions. Consult with all clients. Analyse needs and develop creative direction and strategy based on consultation with the team of 4 graphic designers/web developers (in other words work as a team) Develop creative solutions for a wide platform of design and advertising requirements including logo development, branding, marketing material for web and scheduling and managing the production of collateral material for print and website design, presentation folders and inserts, brochures, leaflets, stationery and advertising material. Key projects included producing the identity and branding for ScottsAir, Pope Australia, Oliver Technologies, Mytech Solutions and Hentley Wines while also producing an online presence for a select number of South Australian clients.

Managing a team of a graphic designer/art director, typesetter and copywriter. Meeting with all clients and Agency Account Directors on key accounts, including radio and TV station Account Services. Produce brand strategies and art direction for all marketing media including logo development, website design, brochures, presentation folders, inserts and stationery and TVCs in conjunction with a copywriter and production studios. We produced work that established and boosted Sofa Shops, JAG Kitchens, Jeffries, Boral's and Samuel James Homes profiles and revenue in Adelaide. Boral as a result out-performed all other interstate sales for that period.

Provide an in house creative consulting art direction and production service. Meet with key account personnel to be briefed and provide art direction and creative on key accounts. Provide creative design solutions for logo development, branding, advertising and final art production projects. Provide art direction and production of story boards and scripts of radio and TVCs. This required using skills in developing and managing multiple clients solutions. Keeping a track of projects and managing these with key outcomes. Multi-tasking comes to mind now. At the time I felt I was wearing and changing a whole lot of hats.

Agencies at the time included:
MOF Advertising, Roger Roberts Design, Charles Cannon Design, Limelight Advertising, Cooee Advertising, Imagination Entertainment, Loud Communications


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A variety of branding and collateral material was produced to support this clients new logo and marketing efforts. Consistent imagery and graphics tie the story of the brand and services together. Take a look at the case study here.



Strategic planning, design, illustration, production, printing and final delivery of reports, company profiles, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, direct mail pieces and web site design. Clients included AMEC, Motorola Radio, Kodak SA, CIC Insurance, Human Services and Info Numbers. This resulted in establishing one of Motorolas key distributors in Australia in the 90's and 2000's as the leading two way radio communications experts National Wireless. Responsible for branding and marketing campaigns through direct mail or press and magazine advertising.


Design and production of logos, branding, specialised advertisements, capability brochures, annual reports and corporate literature. Key highlights was producing an effective identity and branding on the Australian Central Credit Union campaign. Producing and implementing the rebranding and subsequent style-guide for Angoves Wines Pty Ltd. Also the beginning of an era the use of a full digital production solution the "Mac" to produce artwork.

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Branding story being told through printed report showcasing SA's outdoor leisure spots throughout the state while doubling up as the outline of the AGM. Using digital print for a quick and convenient solution.




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Recognising and reaching a targeted audience. Producing a unique style that brings form and structure to a design solution and medium. Generate a variation of ideas to be used for their suggestive qualities in all mediums. 


Over 20 years experience in the use and understanding of font families, appropriate use of line-height, kerning and tracking. Recognition of  clean, readable, well designed type to produce a unique and favorable personality to the communication piece. Knowledge of different families and styles of type, for fluent communication in all mediums.


Understanding of current styles and future direction of design and digital print and offset printing production. Achieving solutions utilising current layout software. Understanding of color separations, grid layout, and master pages. Thorough knowledge of the printing process and the understanding of color space. RGB - red, green and blue, magenta, yellow and black, or CMYK.


Large to small project management. Strong leadership management to effectively complete project. Flexiblity to alter plans that need to be changed or accommodated to steer a project, and ensure ongoing progress. Plan implementation to take into account the strategic brief and planning and documentation that placed everything in motion.


Sourcing and engaging of quality offset and digital printing suppliers. Brand management and colour consistency of all corporate and advertising print materials. Reduced design and artwork costs through low cost applications to suit printing methods of local and interstate suppliers. Detailed knowledge of paper stocks and printing finishers and specialists to suit various print outcomes.


Experience in achieving current web development styles and production to suit online advertising and web presence essential to effective marketing design campaigns. Understanding of web design standards applied to complete websites user-interfaces and designing blogs.


Ability to articulate ideas and concepts to employers and clients with ease and fluency. 

Write well organized briefs proposals and instructions. Easily communicate with clients or other team members extracting accurate requirements discussing changes and options.


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